How to Solve the 0x80092004 Error When Installing a Windows 7 Security-Only/Monthly Update

Fixing the problem behind the 0x80092004 stop error

How to Solve the 0x80092004 Error When Installing a Windows 7 Security-Only/Monthly Update

If you tried to install either the Windows 7 (or perhaps also the Windows Server 2008) security-only or monthly update for August 2019 (eg, KB 4512486) or later, only to have the installer fail, this article suggests a possible cause and the solution for it. Those who also looked for the actual error message issued by the updater, using (say) the Windows Event Viewer, will see a cryptic and meaningless error code, 0x80092004.

Note that this article assumes that you have been successful in previous months (July 2019 and earlier) applying the Windows monthly or security-only updates. If not, it's possible that you have other issues causing the failure.

Updating the Underlying Windows Update Infrastructure

Microsoft issued a servicing stack update and SHA-2 code signing support update on 12 March 2019 to modify the underlying components that underpin the Windows Update software. This allows newer Windows updates to be digitally signed using SHA-2 hashes (a type of security measure).

Although that change was released in March, Microsoft did not immediately issue new Windows updates that depend on it, presumably so that users have more time to download and install the newer servicing stack. As such, as far as I know, it appears that it is not until August 2019 that the new infrastructure is required.

Since these later updates depend on the above files being installed, you will need to get them first before applying the security-only (and presumably also the monthly quality all-in-one) Windows update. You can download the update for the servicing stack and its companion SHA-2 code signing support from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

Once installed, and you don't have any other issues on your system, the Windows update that previously failed to work should complete without problem.

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